How to Take Professional Wedding Photos

How to Take Professional Wedding Photos

How to Take Professional Wedding Photos
Posted on March 25th, 2023.

Here are three tips I use to get my mind set when I am about to photoshoot a wedding.

Do Your Homework

have a good idea of the shot list, understand what your client wants and spend time thinking about your game plan beforehand. Be sure you have the right gear to execute your client’s vision, get a handle on the location prepare for the weather so you’re even more of a pro going in!

Get a Handle on Your Gear

Your gig might fly by, and moments are just that–moments. So be sure that you can float seamlessly between lenses, switch out gear, and not spend too much time figuring those things out on the spot, as your time, and the wedding party’s, will be precious.

Be On It

From the small things like the parents of the couple holding hands, to the small details of the wedding decor, keep your eyes peeled. Especially when you’re just starting out, you never know what small moments could be really special and cherished for your client.

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