6 Unique Places in NY for a Wedding Photoshoot

6 Unique Places in NY for a Wedding Photoshoot

6 Unique Places in NY for a Wedding Photoshoot

Posted on October 31th, 2023.

New York, the Empire State, is a treasure trove of picturesque locations that serve as perfect backdrops for your wedding photoshoot. From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene landscapes of the Catskill Mountains, there's a unique spot for every couple to capture their special moments.

In this guide, we'll take you through six exceptional places in New York for a memorable wedding photoshoot.

6 Unique Places in NY for a Wedding Photoshoot

1. Central Park, NYC: Where Dreams Come True

Central Park, the heart of Manhattan, is a true oasis in the midst of the bustling city. Its iconic Central Park photo spots offer a magical setting for your wedding photoshoot. Imagine exchanging vows at Bethesda Terrace, with the angelic backdrop of the Bethesda Fountain. Stroll hand in hand through the Central Park Conservatory Garden, where colorful blooms create a vibrant atmosphere. Central Park is a place where dreams come true, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a fairytale-like wedding photoshoot in the heart of NYC.

If you're looking to escape the crowds, consider an early morning or weekday photoshoot, when the park is quieter, allowing you to bask in its enchanting beauty.

2. Catskill Mountains: Majestic and Serene

For couples who crave a rustic and serene wedding photoshoot, the Catskill Mountains beckon with their majestic charm. This region, located just a few hours from New York City, offers a peaceful escape into nature. Whether you envision photos amidst lush forests, cascading waterfalls, or overlooking sweeping mountain vistas, the Catskills provide a stunning natural backdrop for your pre-wedding shoot or wedding photo shoot.

Pro Tip: Timing is crucial here. The Catskill Mountains change dramatically with the seasons, so plan your visit according to your desired backdrop, whether it's lush greenery in spring or fiery foliage in the fall.

3. Boldt Castle, Alexandra Bay: A Romantic Island Retreat

Head to the Thousand Islands region and you'll discover a hidden gem that's perfect for a wedding photoshoot—Boldt Castle. Nestled on Heart Island in the St. Lawrence River, this historic castle exudes romance and grandeur. Its striking architecture, beautifully landscaped gardens, and stunning waterfront views make it an unforgettable setting for capturing your love story.

Pro Tip: Access to Boldt Castle is by boat, so be sure to check the seasonal ferry schedule and plan accordingly.

4. Kodak Eastman House, Rochester NY: A Photographer's Paradise

If you're a photography enthusiast or simply appreciate the art of photography, the Kodak Eastman House in Rochester, NY, is a must-visit. This historic mansion, once home to George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, offers a blend of vintage elegance and photography history. The lush gardens and well-preserved architecture make it a unique backdrop for your wedding photoshoot. It's a place where the love for photography meets the love between two people.

Pro Tip: Explore the gardens and hidden corners of the mansion for some truly unique and timeless shots.

5. Waterfalls Throughout the State: Nature's Beauty Unveiled

New York State is home to a plethora of enchanting waterfalls, each with its own unique charm. Whether you opt for the powerful cascades of Niagara Falls, the delicate beauty of Taughannock Falls, or the hidden gems in the Adirondacks, waterfalls provide a natural and awe-inspiring setting for your outdoor wedding photos. The mesmerizing sound of rushing water combined with the lush greenery creates a romantic atmosphere that's hard to beat.

Pro Tip: Depending on your choice of waterfall, be prepared for different terrain and conditions, and choose footwear and attire accordingly.

6. Secret Places to Take Pictures in NYC: Uncover Hidden Gems

New York City is famous for its iconic landmarks, but it's also home to many hidden gems that only locals know about. Explore charming alleyways in Greenwich Village, discover secluded rooftop gardens in the Lower East Side, or seek out tucked-away parks in Brooklyn. These secret places offer a unique and intimate backdrop for your wedding photoshoot, capturing the essence of hidden New York.

Pro Tip: Consider hiring a local photographer who knows these secret spots like the back of their hand to capture the essence of hidden New York.


In conclusion, New York's diverse landscapes provide an array of captivating locations for your wedding photoshoot. Whether you prefer the urban charm of Central Park, the tranquil beauty of the Catskill Mountains, or the historical elegance of places like Boldt Castle and Kodak Eastman House, the Empire State has it all. And when you're ready to turn your wedding dreams into stunning photos, Joe Goetz Photography is here to help.

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